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Vishwashanthi Agricultural Research and Industrial Research Centre Estab-lished in 1975 by Abdul Khader Nadakattin, Company is renowned Manufac¬turer of Agricultural Equipments.
Company`s diverse range of products include Rotary Tillers, (Rotavator), A Device to Separate Tamarind Seeds, Nadakattin Wheel tiller, Nadakattin Dindina Kunte,Nadakattin Automatic Sugarcane Sowing Driller, Nadakattin Iron wheel,Tamarind Slicing for pickles , Nadakattin Automatic Seed cum Fertil¬izer Drill, Nadakattin Rotovater etc...Marked by 40 years of experience, we have been contributing to agricultural growth by providing innovative Implements.
With our pursuit to perfection in all the spheres of the business, we have made a strong presence in domestic market. We use best quality of raw material and sustainable engineering designs for manufacturing innovative implements .It is a truth universally acknowledged that the ultimate objective of all businesses & professional activities is customer delight. “Vishwashanthi Agricultural Research Centre” is determined to offer innovative farming solutions as well as extend excellent & responsive cus-tomer support wherever and whenever needed. Keeping in this mind we provide agricultural equipments for small and middle range farmers with affordable price. Through the support of Karnataka Government, many of our products are available to farmers at subsidised rates.

Especially Our “Nadakattin Seed Drill” is made with Stainless Steel Metal which has durability (life span) for about 100 years.

We the Vishwashanthi Agriculture Research and Industrial Development Cen¬tre are one of the leading manufacturers of Automatic Seed Drill across the Karnataka and neighbouring states such has Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Andra Pradesh and Telanga etc.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

The area is built within 15,000 sq mtrs and has wide space for customers to sit in longue. We have made a display area where all equipments have kept for customers to view.

Our cores values are supported by strong infrastructure practices are Followed:-

Our accountability and good business practices are the frame which guides every aspects of our business. In the coming years we would continue with our efforts and make innovative products and would provide our customers, with the best. To be India & world best agricultural Implement manufacturer in terms of customer values, customer service by offering quality implements to the customer resulting into enhanced agriculture income of the client & cus¬tomer.

To manufacture & supply the most technologically advance NADAKAT-TIN brand Seed Drill & Seed cum Fertilizer Drill machines with best quality & durability and supported with excellent service.

Our progressive management and cutting edge production technology contrib¬ute to our ability to provide our customers with exceptional value in a highly competitive industry. We regularly work directly with customers, help¬ing to design, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the many chal-lenges facing today's market. In this way, we act as a partner as well as a sup¬plier to our customers, and thereby improve our own competitive position by helping improve theirs

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