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This machine was inaugurated by Jagadguru Dr.Tontada Siddhalinga Mahaswamy of Gadag and Dr S A Patil Former Vice-Chancellor of UAS, Dharwad on 20/04/2014 .

We use tractor as rotovator to cut and making powder of chilly, cotton, wheat maize plants etc.

Especially people use to call good yield, when chilly yields 3 quintals per acre in normal field by using this rotovator since from last 2 years. This rotovator working with special feature, it rotates in 5000 RPM Speed so that soil become completely powder and turned over with the help of blades of this rotovator which is run with the help of tractor. The ordinary rotovator’s available in market rotating 500 RPM speed; this is not enough to turn over the soil.

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