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Nadakattin 5 in 1 Tiller

Nadakattin 5 in 1 Tiller

All the 5 works can be done by the 5 in 1 Nadakattin Tiller .This works are as follows.

1. Spraying of Medicines.
2. Sowing of Fertilizers
3. Sowing of Seeds,
4. Deep Digging
5. Up root the grass when land is wet.

We can use and easily handle this equipment even the crop is about 4 feet. This machine works in 20 to 25 acres per day easily in field.
Many lands are become barren due to unavailability of labours and required equipments at right time, at this situation this equipment become boon to all farmers.

Nadakattin five-in-one tiller, of which 7,224 pieces have already been sold and other 400 are in the making. This indigenous piece of equipment can perform five actions – deep digging, uprooting the grass when the farmland is wet, spraying herbal pesticides, applying fertilisers – and can be used even if the gap between the lines is four feet and can cover 20-25 acres in 12 hours.

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